We are one of Malaysia’s leading funeral service provider

Each of the funeral directors has over 20 year experience in pre-planning, arranging and managing funeral care services in accordance with the religious faith required. In order to provide immediate service to the needed, our funeral directors are always on a standby basis 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

All funeral services undertaken are meticulously planned and discussed with the bereaved families of the community and funeral service associates prior to undertaking the services. In fact, one of our funeral directors, Mr. Peter Lee is the only British trained and qualified MBIE (Members of British Institute of Embalmers) embalmer in Malaysia.

Funeral Directors Since 1965
British Trained Qualified MBIE Embalming Service and the Only One Qualified In Malaysia
European Association of Embalmers,
and The Only One In Malaysia.
(membership number 0043)
  Our Core Business  
International and local repatriation of deceased remains
Wide range of caskets and urns for selections
Liaison with Embassies, Federal agencies and other relevant local authorities to ensure smooth repatriation of deceased to their homeland
Viewing parlours, flowers, bus transportation and etc
Funeral services for all religions
Liaison with private memorial parks
Local burial or cremation arrangements
Pre and post funeral consultation
Budget planned funeral
Our Business Strength
International and local repatriation of deceased remains  

We specializes in International repatriation of deceased remains.
Our company is registered with Embassies, Consular offices, Hospitals, Insurance and Assistance Companies for facilitation of international repatriation of deceased remains all over the world.
Throughout the years, we have built an excellent working relationship and affiliation with most reputable overseas funeral directors.
We have a worldwide funeral service networking to cater the needs to organize repatriation of mortal remains to any part of the world.
In a nutshell, we provide support for people in time of need and public service to the community. Respects, Compassion & Care always remained our utmost priorities and promised.
Vast experience in handling repatriation as we are the pioneer in this field.
Built trust worthy reputations with the respective authorities (ie Embassies, Government departments, Insurance Companies etc) from the various countries.
Comprised a team of expertise in handling repatration cases.
Proven ability in handling many repatriation cases within the stipulated timeframe as we have strong networking with our affiliations internationally.
Funeral Service For All Religions  

Being an establishment in Malaysia, a multi-religious country with multi cultures, we have the know-how in handling different religious cases.
We fully respects religious faith of each individual deceased.
A panel of Imams and Ustazah who are qualified trained by local Islamic religious department to conduct Islamic way of preparation of a deceased person and Muslim prayers prior to the repatriation of the deceased back to their homeland.
Local Burial or Cremation Arrangements  

We fully respect the decision from the breaved families on their preferred arrangement. However, opinions can be provided should it be required.
Close business partnership with private memorial parks.
Value added Facilities  

We are the FIRST funeral service company to own a private mortuary.
Our mortuary fully equipped with quality embalming machineries and equipments.
We are also equipped with a body coldroom chamber to facilitate the request of long storage of remains under some unavoidable circumstances.
This facilities investment is to cater for the convenient of bereaved families as well as coping with the market competitiveness and demand.
We are always focused on providing the best in compassionate assistance and professional services.
We have specialized team consists of funeral directors, maintenance and funeral service associates always ready to provide tip top service to the bereaved families.
Our professional funeral directors always take a personal interest and attention in pre and post funeral consultation for the bereaved families.
Our showroom has a wide range of selection on local and imported, beautifully hand crafted and polished wooden and metal caskets for the bereaved families’ consideration.
Comfortable Environment  

Unlike the traditional funeral service providers, our showroom is professionally setup in a comfortable, and truly ease environment for the visitors, whereas our team members will also be enjoying a pleasant working environment.
Thus, our team will always fulfilled high working moral with top spirit to our esteemed customers.